The little big drums

New Graphics finishes

Bonus stradivari CVL

New stripes shells

1000,00 euro bonus stradivari 2016

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Nuovo punto vendita Napoli

CVL in tour con J-ax e Fedez

CVL Drums a Music (channel 5 italian television)

CVL Drums sponsor Veneto jazz 2016

CVL Drums & il volo

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A new philosophy : A WHOLE OTHER STORY.
Not the usual drums, but your custom drums.
An italian custom made instrument made step by step, trying to help drummers since the choice of wood until the finish, allowing them to be able to build what they want and what reflects their needs.
CVL is innovation, research and news ... completely Made in Italy.

The CVL research increases with all projects and continue to involve each product to reach environments and endurance.